I love this time of year. Okay so it’s my Birthday and Dexter’s birthday coming up. But who doesn’t love Autumn? The stunning colours on the trees and all around us.  The site and sounds of Swans and Geese overhead. Getting the coal and logs for the fire, a cosy night in with your loved ones and the dog lay in front of the fire. Halloween, bonfire night, treacle toffee. Is it our childhood memories of treacle toffee, fireworks, bonfires and toffee apples that make this time of year so appealing?

Although we are very lucky that Dexter doesn’t mind fireworks, I know a lot of dogs are terrified. I will be doing a post on ways of helping your dog relax  and stay calm with fireworks going off around them.

I took some pictures just around the corner from us the other morning, as the first rays of sun hit the ground. I hope you like them.

Remember to enjoy your time walking the dog and if you have any pics please send them in. Now where is my winter jacket?

autumn-4 autumn1 autumn2 autumn5

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