Lymm Dam, Lymm Cheshire.

Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam

18 November 2017

Looking for a nice day out with you and your four legged friend?

We had a lovely walk around Lymm Dam and met up with friends, Matt and John and their dog Jess, that they adopted from a rescue home. Our Labradoodle Dexter and Jess got on great and had a great time chasing squirrels and running through he mud together. The colours at this time of year were amazing and we met some nice people out walking.

Head into Lymm from the M6 junction and drive past the dam and park on the right just off Crouchley Lane. You can also park by the Dam, near the ice cream van, but there are limited spaces.

The walk took about 45 minutes, but we did walk at a slow pace and stopped to take photo’s. We then drove to the Jolly Thresher, (turn right out of the car park and head along the A56 towards Altrincham). The Jolly Thresher is a really nice pub/ restaurant and it makes a nice change, that the area set aside for dog walkers has really nice furniture, carpets and a real fire, you would be happy to eat in this area even if you didn’t have your dogs with you. The food is very good and the service great, they even have some doggy treats at the bar.

A lovely day and a lovely walk. Highly recommended.

IMG_0785 IMG_0786 Lymm Dam IMG_0790 IMG_0791 IMG_0793 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0811


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