Wild Camping with your dog.

wild camping

Wild Camping Haystacks Cumbria

Looking back at last year, I felt like a bit more adventure in 2018. I enjoy my job and working from home, but sometimes everything seems a bit groundhog day.

So I decided to go camping again and really enjoyed it. Another thing I love is photography and walking. Somehow, probably through YouTube and Facebook I came across wild camping.

I also wanted to take out dog Dexter a ten year old Labradoodle who is fairly fit and active, but has had joint problems and is taking medication. He copes very well with long walks especially after his diet and the loss of 7kg.

It looked perfect, pack everything into a backpack and head up into the fells and mountains, camp the night, take some photos as the sun comes down and be there to catch the first light of the day and sunrise.

After much research I decided to take the plunge, bought my backpack, lightweight tent, lightweight sleeping bag, mattress, pillow. the cost of these items soon add up. It seems that everything for wild camping that’s half the weight is twice the price, but it should last me a long time and you have no camp site fees, plus solitude. The whole experience seems very appealing.

I made the desicion to sell some of my  books and DVD’s to pay for my new camping gear. My list of equipment for camping included:

Osprey 68 Back

Vango Banshee 200 tent

Vango Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Thermalight Matress

Filo Camping Pillow

Vango folding camping stove

Emergency whistle

Emergency Blanket

Tito Spork

Portable pet bowls 





I decided to head to Haystacks near Buttermere in the lake District. I parked at Gatesgarth Farm near Buttermere. Just £4 for the day. I followed the road past the cottage and turned onto the path that leads up to Haystacks. A gorgeous evening, with sun shining and a long walk up to  Green Crag. This was the first time I had walked with my backpack full of camping equipment, camera, food and water.  (PIC BELOW)

Wild Camping Gear

We finally set up camp and took some pictures. Made a coffee and had something to eat. Very impressed with my little stove. Glad I took chocolate bars. I even bought a child’s sleeping bag for Dexter.

Finally got my head down about 10.30pm and set my alarm for 12pm to see the stars. The stars were amazing with no light-pollution up here.

I heard the strangest noise all night, finally figured out it was a nightjar, digging around my rucksack I finally found my ear plugs, giving me some much needed sleep.

I reset my alarm for 4.20am, sunrise was about 4.40am and I didn’t want to miss it. The light was good for about 40 mins and I took a few shots. Jumped back into my sleeping bag and set the alarm for 7.30am

A misty start to the day, so had my breakfast, drank my coffee and packed up the tent.

We made our way down Haystacks and I took a bit of a fall, grazed my knee and cut my finger but Dexter was ok and that’s all that mattered. A longer dog lead would have helped with our descent.

Met some lovely people on the way back, chatted and asked advice. We finally got back to the car for about 11am.  Dexter had a well deserved paddle in the stream to cool off. I decided to drive to Sykes Farm and Tea rooms for brunch and treated Dexter to a cooked sausage.

Well all I can say is this was a fantastic walk if your dog is fit. If you ever thought about wild camping I can highly recommend it and I can’t wait for our next adventure. The highlights for me, the peace and tranquility, spending quality time with Dexter, the actual walk and the solitude. Favourite image below.

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