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Friend For Life: The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs

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This weeks book recommendation is…

Friend For Life: The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs by Kate Humble

For those of us who live in the western world it is more than likely that one sleeps in our house, possibly even on our bed. I’m talking of course, of the dog. Yet, this animal, which lives alongside five hundred million of us all over the world – as an invaluable partner and a trusted confidant – presents us with one great unsolved mystery: how did this relationship – the most complex and enduring of any between human and animal – start in the first place?

Give yourself a lift and read this book *****

I could not put this book down! Kate Humble has clearly done huge amounts of research and has produced a truly inspiring book. She denounces the cruel method of training through dominance and reveals the training methods that enable the amazing bond between human and dog. Kate meets dogs who have improved their handlers lives through their (the dogs) physical and social skills. This is a book for people who love dogs!

This is a great book with lots of good reviews, pick up your copy today.

Do you listen to music or podcasts while walking your dog?

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Enjoy walking your dog even more…

Do you listen to music or podcasts while walking your dog?

I used to listen to music or the odd podcast while walking our dog, Dexter. Then I discovered audible, I walk Dexter for an hour a day and spend quite a bit of time driving from show to show, so I thought I would have a months free trial of audible. My life has changed… I now listen to audio books on business and self improvement. It’s amazing how many books you can get through while out walking your dog.

One book that really changed things for me, is Life Leveridge. The other book that really got me inspired was The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I had heard about this book before, but had resisted because I knew it involved you getting up earlier in the morning and I was already feeling tired throughout the day.

Hal’s life storey is inspiring and I now get up at 6 am every day, drink a glass of water relax/ meditate for 5 minutes, read a book for 10-15 minutes walk the dog for 45 minutes, go to the gym (sometimes accomplish all of this by 10am)

I have the rest of the day to read, practice and watch some magic, visit my parents, work on my business and web site and my site. I also listen to audio books while walking Dexter and it’s amazing how much you can learn and be inspired while out with your dog.

Don’t get me wrong it was tough the first couple of days, but now I feel great and in control of my life. I no longer hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and can’t wait to get on with my day.

I attended a magic convention in Buxton recently and even got up early then and went for a walk or a jog around the park. If you want to learn more about The Miracle Morning click below

I also listen to audio podcasts on magic and writing and have started watching TED talks on you tube or Apple TV. I spend much less time on time draining stuff like Facebook and the Internet.

I heard on one of my recent audio books that if we are lucky we only get 80 trips around the sun and that makes you think about your time on this planet of ours. Also if you were living your perfect life right now, what would it look like? Why aren’t you living that perfect life?

Enjoy walking your dog.